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Spare +

Outer shell of the ball
Surface texture on the ball (sanded, polished, etc)
800/800/1000/2000 Abralon® Polished W/ Powerhouse Factory Finish
Lane Condition
Length and/or amount of oil on the lane
Light Oil
Color of the ball
Purple / Blue / Black
Available weights
12-16 lbs. LBS
Weight block inside the ball
I-Core (Single Density)
Core Type
Basic shape type of the core (Symmetric, Asymmetrical, Pancake)
Radius of Gyration: measurement related to weight distribution of the core. This affects how quickly a ball will get in to a roll. A ball with a higher RG will roll later. A ball with lower RG will roll sooner.
16 LB. - 2.54
15 LB. - 2.53
14 LB. - 2.56
13 LB. - 2.62
12 LB. - 2.68
Difference between the RG of the core's x-axis and y-axis. Indicates track flare potential and stability. A higher differential means more flare potential and less stabilty. A low differential ball will be more stable and have less flare potential.
16 LB. - .042
15 LB. - .050
14 LB. - .048
13 LB. - .037
12 LB. - .027
Intermediate Differential 
Difference between the RG of the core's x-axis and Z-axis on an asymmetrical core. Indicates the asymmetry of the core. A higher intermediate differential ball will be less stable and will transition more quickly from skid to roll than a ball with lower intermediate differential.

Spare + Honor Roll

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  • Grant Otago885 for 4
  • Don Johnson721
  • Jeffery Gardner765
  • Paul Burello300/768
  • Timothy Lines Jr.727
  • Kenny Tynan 257,300,268/825

Spare + Product Notes

Manufacturer’s Intent

Every ball we design at Track serves a purpose and this one is no different. Unlike the traditional plastic ball, the Spare + features a performance core which allows this new release to not only pick up spares, but strikes when other balls are hooking too much.


The Spare + features a single density version of our high performance i-Core. The large flare potential, combined with the assymetric core design, will give the Spare + the hitting power traditional polyester balls simply can’t provide.


Polyester covers provided a decent amount of hook back in the 70’s. Today, they make perfect spare balls due to the low friction levels they create on modern bowling environments. 


This one comes with a 800/1000/2000 Abralon® Polished w/ Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish. This finish is perfect for picking up spares and for drier lane conditions.


The new Track Spare + is not only the best looking polyester ball on the market, it is also multi-functional. With this new release, we are giving Track fans the spare ball they require, along with extra hitting power making the Spare + a useful strike ball as well.

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