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Outer shell of the ball
QR-7 Pearl
Surface texture on the ball (sanded, polished, etc)
500/1000 Abralon TM Polished w/ Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish
Lane Condition
Length and/or amount of oil on the lane
Medium Oil
Color of the ball
Black Pearll
Available weights
12-16lb. LBS
Weight block inside the ball
Core Type
Basic shape type of the core (Symmetric, Asymmetrical, Pancake)
Radius of Gyration: measurement related to weight distribution of the core. This affects how quickly a ball will get in to a roll. A ball with a higher RG will roll later. A ball with lower RG will roll sooner.
16lb LB. - 2.51
15lb LB. - 2.50
14lb LB. - 2.51
13lb LB. - 2.53
12lb LB. - 2.60
Difference between the RG of the core's x-axis and y-axis. Indicates track flare potential and stability. A higher differential means more flare potential and less stabilty. A low differential ball will be more stable and have less flare potential.
16lb LB. - 0.040
15lb LB. - 0.046
14lb LB. - 0.048
13lb LB. - 0.055
12lb LB. - 0.039
Intermediate Differential 
Difference between the RG of the core's x-axis and Z-axis on an asymmetrical core. Indicates the asymmetry of the core. A higher intermediate differential ball will be less stable and will transition more quickly from skid to roll than a ball with lower intermediate differential.

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Logix Honor Roll

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  • Scott Cutler 299
  • Steve Mora300
  • Temple Bourgeois300-234-221=756
  • Mike Moreno791
  • Steve Mora814
  • Alan Springer278
  • Temple Bourgeois300
  • Temple Bourgeois300/755
  • Temple Bourgeois299 Game
  • Adam Lombardi803

Logix Product Notes


Track Logix - The Track Logix creates skid through the front of the lane with a big back end reaction. Track’s versatile QR-7 pearl coverstock and the powerful   LT-2 core make it easy to throw it out to the dry and watch it come right back to the pocket on a variety of patterns. 

QR-7 Pearl -  The QR-7 Pearl coverstock complements the    QR-7 Hybrid coverstock. The Hybrid version gave us mid-lane traction with continuous back end predictability and now the QR-7 pearl coverstock gives us length with backend angularity and continuation.

LT-2 – The LT-2 core was previously featured in Track’s Legion Solid. This core is designed to retain its energy for the part of the lane where every bowler loves to see their ball hook, the backend.


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