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Outer shell of the ball
New Haze HP9C
Surface texture on the ball (sanded, polished, etc)
500, 1000, 2000, 3000 Abralon®
Lane Condition
Length and/or amount of oil on the lane
Medium-Heavy to Heavy Oil
Color of the ball
Available weights
12-16 LBS
Weight block inside the ball
Core Type
Basic shape type of the core (Symmetric, Asymmetrical, Pancake)
Radius of Gyration: measurement related to weight distribution of the core. This affects how quickly a ball will get in to a roll. A ball with a higher RG will roll later. A ball with lower RG will roll sooner.
14 LB. - 2.54
15 LB. - 2.53
16 LB. - 2.54
Difference between the RG of the core's x-axis and y-axis. Indicates track flare potential and stability. A higher differential means more flare potential and less stabilty. A low differential ball will be more stable and have less flare potential.
14 LB. - .043
15 LB. - .049
16 LB. - .050
Intermediate Differential 
Difference between the RG of the core's x-axis and Z-axis on an asymmetrical core. Indicates the asymmetry of the core. A higher intermediate differential ball will be less stable and will transition more quickly from skid to roll than a ball with lower intermediate differential.

919C Honor Roll

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  • Tim Costello288/782
  • Cole Pavlishin300
  • Brad Fangman300-803
  • Craig McGill290
  • Jack Hoskins300/826
  • Lorenzo Stripling290
  • Daniel Watkinson300 game / 781 series
  • Barry Wanner226-299-201/726
  • Barry Wanner246-182-300
  • Brendan Adams300

919C Product Notes


To make the most continuous midlane ball motion our R&D team could produce. Yes…“C” is for continuous, not control. The new Blade Asymmetric core shape boasts an awesome amount of midlane power, specially designed for midlane continuous ball motion. Our chemists have come up with yet another new and stronger coverstock formulation, one that has a rather unique side effect…a unique HAZE to it. Our team can only describe it as a HAZE that will change its appearance in differing environmental conditions. This HAZE has no bearing on performance, but the look is phenomenal! Some will haze more than others and some will change appearance just from using the product. It is truly a unique blend, and we are sure you will agree, a spectacularly performing bowling ball.

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