Track Announces 2019 Collegiate Sponsorships

HOPKINSVILLE, KY – Track bowling positions itself as being technologically driven, a brand for the thinker and innovator. Given this, Track is proud to announce its continued sponsorship of competitive bowling at the collegiate level.

“Track’s tagline is evolutionary, revolutionary,” said Rob Gotchall, manager players and performance for Track. “I firmly believe the next revolutionary minds in bowling will come from the collegiate ranks.”

“The ability to attract not only top talent, but top minds, to our sport is critical to its continued evolution,” he said. “Programs such as Louisiana Tech are a great example of this as they are attracting Junior Team USA talent and are continuing to grow and expand their campus bowling facilities.”

Matthew Nantais, head women’s bowling coach and campus bowling director at Louisiana Tech, said the continued improvement to campus facilities, along with being associated with the Track brand, has helped with recruiting.

“We have six lanes at our training facility on campus equipped with GS-X machines, as well as the latest sync software,” Nantais said. “We are in the process of adding a locker room pro shop to our facility that will be branded with Track graphics. Our new masking units will also show our commitment to the Track brand.”

“One question I get asked by every recruit is ‘do you have a ball sponsor?’” he said. “When I reply with ‘yes, we are sponsored by Ebonite International under the Track brand,’ I always get a smile back.”

“Most of them say my favorite ball in my bag is an EBI ball,” he said.

Nantais said the team has lofty goals for the 2019 season, with their main goal being to get to the NCAA National Championships

“We also have our sights on the ITC Championships,” Nantais said. “Being sponsored by Track helps us financially, but knowing we have complete support from a company assures everyone on the team we will always have what we need to compete at the highest level.”

In addition to Louisiana Tech, Track will also sponsor four other schools for the 2019 season: Bellarmine, Marian University, Purdue and Sam Houston State.

Watch Track social media, as well as the school’s athletic pages, to keep up with all the collegiate bowling action this year.

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