A Deeper Look at Matt Sanders First National PBA Title

By Chris Hester:

At age 23, Track’s Matt Sanders has achieved his childhood dream of becoming a PBA champion by winning the Xtra Frame Billy Hardwick Memorial Open title in Memphis, TN.

Using his Ebonite Purple Haze Maxim, Matt defeated Francois Louw 253-223 to earn his spot in the championship match before beating Brian LeClair 243-237 to claim the title.

When asked how he was able to maintain his composure on such a big stage the young Mr. Sanders showed wisdom beyond his years as he explained, “I tried to keep it simple and just do what I do, bowl. The 10 minutes of practice showed me that the pair wasn't like the pair from the semi-final match, so I just tried to stay focused on the next shot and pay attention to any moves I needed to make. After the match, I still couldn't believe that it had happened. I couldn't wait to call my parents after I was done.”

To win your first title is always special, but the unique format of this event will make it even more memorable.

Each participant was limited to just two bowling balls for this event and, more importantly, those two could only be polyester balls.

No resin.  No urethane.

When faced with such a limitation, what was the deciding factor in the Purple Haze Maxim that Mr. Sanders selected?

“The color, for sure” he explained.

“The first time I had that particular Maxim it just looked great going down the lane.  I liked that one so much that I decided to drill another one for the weekend.”

The young Mr. Sanders, who was a two-time All American at Marian University, signed with the Track brand back in 2015 and has known for years that this was the path that he wanted to take in life.

“As a kid, I had always dreamed of becoming a professional bowler”, Matt told us. “I watched it on TV every Sunday, and told myself that I wanted to be there one day. This past year I really decided to take a chance and try to live that dream.”

We, at Ebonite International, look forward to seeing what the young Mr. Sanders will do next and hopefully there is a young kid watching and dreaming of one day following in Matt’s footsteps.

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